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"What do you charge and what is your process?"

I'd like to be very transparent about my design fees and what is included so I will explain the few simple design package options that I have to offer and work out very well! I like to charge a reasonable flat fee that would be tailored to your design project and be sure that there are no unexpected design fees. An informed client is a good client.

Initial Consultation (LOCATION: Virtual, Phone or Showroom   DURATION: 30 min.   FEE: None)
The first meeting is a complimentary initial consultation in order for us to get to know each other. During this meeting I will discuss what I'd charge for your particular project. The initial consultation meeting can be virtual, over the phone or in the showroom and you can simply book online now with nothing to lose. Or just send me an email at
*Read below for more options and prices.

Option 1: Single Jobsite Visit (LOCATION: Jobsite Up to 45 Miles   DURATION: 60-90 min.   FEE: $150)

This option covers my time visiting the jobsite and discussing ideas and options you could do with what you currently have. This could involve selecting new paint colors or giving suggestions on product samples you currently have and you're trying to decide on. 

*Note: traveling more than 45 miles to the jobsite can be done with additional mileage fees.

Option 2: Design Phase # 1 (FEE: $250 - $500)

This is the perfect design package option if you are needing the full works done on a design. Plus, this design fee can be credited back towards products purchased from me making the design work complimentary.

This Option Includes:

- The jobsite meeting where I will take measurements and photos for my own reference and discuss options with you.

- Material selections where I typically provide 2 different digital material layout boards.

- 3D rendered designs showing the actual materials plus collaboration boards created on Houzz.

- Access to all of my unique product websites.

- Product estimates.

- Contractor recommendations.

- Project management.

This Option Does Not Include:

- The dimensioned construction documents. These will be provided once the products have been purchases or see option 3 below.

Option 3: Design Phase # 2 (FEE: Free With Product Purchases or an Additional $200)

This option only applies if you decide to purchase the majority of the products elsewhere and you still want to purchase the dimensioned plans for you and your contractor. Otherwise, the dimensioned plans will be provided to you at no additional cost if you purchase the minimum required products from me. So then you would skip this step!

I want to make the process fair for both you and I, so the simple overall process is...

purchase the products from me and the designer fees will be complimentary...

or receive the final designs and I'll keep the fee to be compensated for my time.

"Professional designers' expertise saves time, money and assures a more valuable, satisfying outcome."


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