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"What do you charge and what is your process?"

I'd like to be very transparent about my design fees and what is included. Basically, I like to charge a reasonable flat fee that would be tailored to your design project and be sure that there are no unexpected design fees. An informed client is a good client.

1. Initial Consultation (LOCATION: virtual, phone or showroom   DURATION: 30 min.   FEE: none)

The first meeting is a complimentary initial consultation in order for us to get to know each other. Sometimes this is done with the Product Selection Meeting which is completely fine. During this meeting I will discuss what I'd charge for your particular project. My complete design fee when all is said and done is typically 2-3% of what the overall product would cost for the job. And I do have a minimum fee of $350. If there is no design work needing done and it's simply picking out paint colors, there would be a single job site fee (see next paragraph) and no design fees. The initial consultation meeting can be virtual, over the phone or in the showroom (coming soon) and you can simply book online now with nothing to lose. Or just shoot me an email at

2. Job Site Meeting (LOCATION: job site   DURATION: 60 min.   FEE: $150 due before the meeting)

Once I've answered all of your initial questions and you and I feel comfortable with moving forward, there is a very reasonably priced job site fee of $150 for up to 45 miles from Burlington, Iowa ($1.45 per additional mile). This is a one time, non-refundable fee and must be paid before the meeting. I will bring your customized design contract which will have the design fee and scope of design work that we had discussed during the initial consultation for you to sign. Keep in mind that the design fee may be credited towards your products purchased essentially making all designer fees complimentary. At this meeting I will scope out the project, take reference photos and measurements for my own use, and be able to discuss ideas and possibilities better with you. Maybe all we're doing is picking out paint colors? Or maybe it's an entire kitchen remodel? Either way, this small fee will cover my time for this meeting and allow me to provide you with what you need or the information that I need to move on to the next step if you're project requires further design work.

3. Product Selection Meeting (LOCATION: showroom   DURATION: 60-90 min.   FEE: Design Fee Agreement Phase 1 due at meeting)

Next would be the product selection meeting located at the showroom. This is a very fun meeting as we will be doing the obvious- selecting products! I will guide you to the right choices to meet your wants, needs and most importantly...your budget. I offer a huge variety of product choices at various and competitive price ranges. You may even borrow samples and bring them home to gaze upon. Now that I've gathered all of the information I need and we've thoroughly gone through your project details, the design phase begins and the Design Fee Agreement Phase 1 is due. I will put together the best design solution possible creating a layout, 3D rendered views, and estimates. Phase 1 includes everything except for the dimensioned Construction Documents. This typically takes 2 weeks for me to complete.

4. Design Presentation Meeting (LOCATION: showroom   DURATION: 60 min.   FEE: none)

I will then contact you to set up the first design presentation meeting which will be held at the showroom. You will be provided with digital images via email and an accurate quote. Simple changes can typically be made on the fly at our meeting but more elaborate changes may require additional design time. I will allow up to 3 sets of changes if they require design time outside of the meeting and will send the revisions to you via email. A second presentation meeting is also included once we think we're close! If there are many changes in addition to the original contract I will charge $45 per set of changes and give you a heads up on how much time it will take before I begin any additional work. 

5. Execute the Project (LOCATION: showroom   DURATION: 60 min.   FEE: Design Fee Phase 1 to be credited OR Design Fee Phase 2 due)

And finally, if you are satisfied with the outcome of the design and your budget has been met, you can purchase the Construction Documents which include dimensioned plans and specifications as a part of Design Fee Agreement Phase 2 OR you can purchase the products from me that we took time selecting together and the initial Design Fee Agreement Phase 1 will be credited towards your products.

6. Contractor Estimate(s) (LOCATION: job site   DURATION: TBD   FEE: none)

Now that you have the final Construction Documents in your hands, either by purchasing the documents from me or by purchasing the products from me, it's time to give a set to your contractor for estimates. I do not have contractors on staff but I do like to partner with local contractors that I am comfortable with recommending to you. You are more than welcome to use your own contractor as well. At this point the design meeting is wrapped up and you are satisfied with the final design and your contractor, or a recommended contractor, can now thoroughly scope out the job. Getting an estimates from a contractor is typically no charge. And of course, my design fees include going over the design with the contractor for no additional expense.

I want to make the process fair for both you and I, so the simple overall process is...

purchase the products selected from me and the designer fees will be complimentary...

or receive the final designs and I'll keep the fee to be compensated for my time.

"Professional designers' expertise saves time, money and assures a more valuable, satisfying outcome."


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